Assistance Services After Incorporation

Income Tax Registration (TIN)
Following the incorporation of a business, the next vital step is to receive a Tax Identification Number (TIN) from the Department of Inland Revenue (IRD), which is unique to your company. Throughout this difficult process, we will guide and help you to obtain your TIN number as quickly as possible.
Opening Of A Corporate Bank Account
It is essential to open a corporate bank account with a reputed bank after the incorporation of the business. We can assist you with the opening of a bank account as we have all the expertise and connections with the major banks in Sri Lanka.
Our Free Consultation Services
We can provide you with expert ideas for cost-free to help you build your business rapidly in Sri Lanka. In this context, we don't wish you to meet our experts physically; instead, we can exchange ideas via electronic media by simply filling out a data sheet and sending it to us via e-mail.